First Winner O’Swag!

Drum roll puhlease…..*reaches into an Abraham Lincoln-style hat and pulls out the name of*…Becky Taylor! Actually, it was that picked Becky, and I thought it was a very fitting choice. Here’s why: As I prepped this post for the winner announcement, I flitted over to Becky’s very cool blog in order to link it…only to discover that not only had she Tweeted about my blog contest, but she actually dedicated a post on her blog about it. So umm, I’m a little creeped out that knew she completely deserved Maggie Stiefvater’s The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. (Did you know that Becky’s first YA novel, Ascendant, is repped by Emma Patterson of the Wendy Weil Agency? Well, now you do, my friend. Now you do.)

So congrats to Becky, and thanks so much for your word-o-mouth efforts! For everyone else, stay tuned for details of the next Season of Swag giveaway coming soon!

Also, stop by Mindy McGinnis”s blog de awesome, Writer Writer Pants on Fire tomorrow to read a little ole interview with my own self. Mindy’s calling it the SHIT interview series: Submission Hell–It’s True! I think she might be onto something here!

Happy Monday!

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