I Heart The Winner’s Curse!

I’m so excited to be participating in an author blog tour for Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s series! As you may know, The Winner’s Crime is out today and fans will be flocking to it–you should seriously be among them. I had the privilege of touring with Marie last year for the release of The Winner’s Curse, and in person, she is just as lovely as her writing—> WHICH IS A DIFFICULT FEAT TO ACCOMPLISH. Seriously, her writing is gorgeous. In fact, I was asked what I loved best about The Winner’s Curse, and though I adored the concept, and the main character, the romance, the…Well, everything, it was the writing that struck me the most. If you’ve read this fantastic book, you know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t read it, let me whet your appetite with some of my favorite quotes! And after you’ve read them, run along and get started on this wonderful series–you’ll be glad you did!

“Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous.”

“He lifted her up onto the table so that her face was level with his, and as they kissed it seemed that words were hiding in the air around them, that they were invisible creatures that feathered against her and Arin, then nudged, and buzzed, and tugged.
Speak, they said.
Speak, the kiss answered.”

“The truth can deceive as well as a lie.”

“For once he didn’t stop himself. The pressure of song was too strong, the need for distraction too great. Then he found that the music caged behind his closed teeth was the melody Kestrel had played for him months ago. He felt the sensation of it, low and alive on his mouth.
For a moment, he imagine it wasn’t the melody that touched his lips, but Kestrel.”

“Kestrel let the words echo in her mind. There had been a supple strength to his voice. An unconscious melody. Kestrel wondered if Arin knew how he exposed himself as a singer with every simple, ordinary word. She wondered if he meant to hold her in thrall.”

“She saw him and didn’t understand how she had ever missed his beauty. How it didn’t always strike her as it did now, like a blow.”

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