Let Me Prank Call Someone For You!

As the ARCs for JOYRIDE begin to circulate in the wild, early readers are beginning to notice the one of that main themes, one of the main therapies for my characters is pranking. I, myself, discovered its therapeutic abilities when I was a teen and have clung to pranking ever since. I have progressed to what you may, for future reference, refer to as Ninja Level.

And so, I offer my Ninja Level services to you. Email me at annabankspranks (at) gmail (dot) com. Tell me who you’d like me to prank call,(or actually prank, if circumstances allow) and why. The most intriguing pleads will likely win.


The winner gets:
1.) An ARC of JOYRIDE.
2.) Me, a Ninja Level expert prankster, prank calling the person of your choice and recording it.
3.) The actual prank call featured on my blog.

Now run along, and tell me who needs to be pranked in your life!

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  • Ammber Hussaini
    Mar 4, 2015

    Can you prank call my cousin Bilal? He’s always pranking ny sister and me. And he kind of sucks at it. Can you show him how a pro prank calls people?

    Ammber Hussaini Mar 4, 2015

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