Preorder Giveaway-Two Kindle Fires Up For Grabs!



For me, writing How To Lose A Bachelor felt more like entertainment than work. I think—hope—that fun spills onto the page as you watch the crazy tale of Rochelle and Grant unfold. If you feel awkward, laugh out loud, and bulge your eyes on occasion, then I have done my job with this book.

That said, there are plenty of incentives to preorder How To Lose A Bachelor. For one, it’s only $2.99.




Two, if you love the humor in my books, you’ll love How To Lose A Bachelor and should preorder it immediately.

Three, if you love romance, you’ll love How To Lose A Bachelor and should preorder it immediately.

And not to mention, you could win one of TWO Kindle Fires so you should preorder it IMMEDIATELY.

Yep, I’m giving away TWO Kindle Fires. All you have to do is preorder the book, email proof of purchase to me at and POOF! You’re entered for a chance to win one of the Kindle Fires. It’s that freaking easy. And yes, this offer is open internationally!

I’ll be picking winners on November 10, which is the day after How To Lose A Bachelor releases. So the question isn’t why SHOULD you preorder How To Lose A Bachelor, it’s—WHY SHOULDN’T YOU?


**No purchase necessary. If you wish to enter without preordering, please mail me an index card with your mailing address and email address on it and you will be automatically entered to win. Mail index card to: Anna Banks Giveaway, PO BOX 538, Crestview, FL, 32536.


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