Preorder Goody–NEMESIS Bath Bombs!

Let me immerse you into the world of NEMESIS in more ways than one. Imagine reading about the adventures and romance of Tarik and Sepora from the comfort of your hot bath, the scents of Egyptian lemongrass and eucalyptus, lavender and mint, swirling about you while you explore a world based on Ancient Egypt itself. Your muscles relax, your senses are soothed, you forget the long day you had, all while the people you were forced to deal with are replaced by two, dare I say, more interesting people who possess their own unique sets of problems and the ability to navigate through them–or the flaws to fail at everything. But you’ll have to read to find out!

How do I get this scenario into my life and quickly, you ask? Simply do this: preorder NEMESIS, email your receipt or other proof of preorder to nemesispreorders (at) gmail (dot) com, include your mailing address, and receive your luxurious Nemesis bath bomb in the mail. But wait, there’s more! You might want to think about preordering a signed book from BOOKS OF WONDER because:




I’ve partnered with Books of Wonder in NYC to offer an even more special deal for you. Order a signed copy of NEMESIS from them, and receive a bath bomb, PLUS exclusive (and dare I say HAWT) artwork with your order (and they’ll ship internationally!). Just so you know what you’re missing out on if you don’t preorder, here’s a little peek of the artwork, drawn so beautifully by David North:

almost kissing


So what are you waiting for??? ALL of these offers go away on October 10th, so be sure to preorder before then!

*While I do adore my international fans, I’m only able to ship inside the US this time. HOWEVER, if you order through Books of Wonder they are happy to ship the book, bath bomb, and artwork internationally! Yay! 🙂




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