Presenting Ophelia London!

Please give a warm welcome to one of my fellow Entangled Bliss authors, Ophelia London! She was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions about her new release, Kissing Her Crush, which came out this week!



He’s sweet trouble…

Natalie Holden wants three things: To be the best chocolate chemist in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to prove her chocolate recipe can help teenage depression, and to get over gorgeous Luke Elliott, the guy she’s had a crush on since birth. Unfortunately, he’s the microbiologist set to debunk her chocolate study. And, of course, he looks more delicious than ever!

Luke Elliott is still bitter over his divorce. Work is his passion now, and landing a huge promotion is just what he needs. What he doesn’t need is a crackpot trying to prove that chocolate cures depression. The last thing he expects is for the crackpot to be Natalie Holden—his “what if” girl from high school—or that she’d still tempt the hell out of him.

They may not see eye-to-eye on her project, but they can’t deny the explosive chemistry that keeps pulling them together. Even when it risks their jobs and the very different futures they both want…


Describe your hero in ten words or less.
Strong, loyal, good hands, GREAT kisser, guitar-dude, hawt! 


Give a reason your heroine would punch someone in the throat.
Just like Luke, Natalie is extremely loyal, and she’d throat-punch anyone who: 1) Messes with her little brother Brandon, or “bran muffin.” 2) Disapproves of her job as a chocolate chemist at Hershey Co—because it’s the coolest job on the planet! 3) Gets between her and her man. She’s loved him since high school and isn’t about to let him go!


What is the biggest conflict your hero and heroine face?
Natalie and Luke are faced with many conflicts, but the one that almost ruins everything is where they live and where they want to live in the future. But this also ends up being a huge and loving sacrifice on both sides. I love writing characters who are willing to give up (what they think is) the most important thing for love!


What is the theme song of your book?
Okay, this is a killer question, because I always have a very extensive playlist for my books. How about I narrow it down to 3…
“Sugar Sugar” by the Archies
“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Lepard
“Sugar” by Maroon 5

Do you see a theme here?

Link to Spotify playlist: Here


Can you give us a hint at your favorite scene in the book?
Well, I always love a great kissing scene—and the more romantic the better. I had a blast with Natalie and Luke’s first kiss. It’s in a tunnel of love at Hersheypark, and let’s just say it gets pretty heated pretty fast. In fact, one of them may have to pay for breaking the ride in the heat of the moment!


Find a GIF that best describes how your hero and heroine feel about each other at first.
Vampire Diaries rules all. 
Ophelia Gif


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