Season of Swag-Writer Appreciation

I’m baaaack! After a two month hiatus, I’m ready to throw around some more swag, and the theme this month is WRITER APPRECIATION!

We all know that the writing community is one of the most supportive, encouraging communities out there. And we all know why: Breaking into the publishing industry is freaking hard! Writing queries is suckish! Rejection hurts like a beeeoch!

So, in partnership with The Editorial Department, I’m giving away not one, but TWO (because I was gone for two months) gift certificates for the following:

“Redeemable for a critique and editorial analysis of a one-page query letter and sample material for agent or publisher submission of up to 2,500 words. Book length adult and young adult fiction and nonfiction only please.”

So that’s a professional critique of a query letter and roughly your first ten pages! And I have to tell you, I’m excited to be giving this away. I wish I’d known about these folks when I was being pitched about in the query hurricane. The co-owner, Renni Browne, is also the co-author of SELF EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS, a book I highly recommended to writers, even before I stumbled across the website for The Editorial Department.

So, if you’d like to enter to win, here are the rules:

1.) You must be un-agented.
2.) You must follow my blog.
3.) You must follow me on Twitter, and tweet about this contest at least once. (please include a link to this post, and my handle @byannabanks in your tweet. If you do not, I may miss your tweet!)
4.) The contest will end Saturday, December 17th at midnight. The winners will be chosen using, and will be posted on my blog on Monday, December 19th.
5.) There will be two winners, one for each gift certificate.

And that’s it! Okay….GO!

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