Taking NaNoWriMo To The Extreme

Guys. I’ve done something really dumb. I’ve taken NaNoWriMo to the next level. And I’m doing it publicly.

NaNoWriMo is all about writing 50k words in the month of November. But what if your novel is more than 50k words? What if it’s a 100k word novel? Do you cut yourself slack on productivity on December 1st? Or do you go balls out and forge ahead at the same break-neck speed you tore through in November?

And what if you don’t meet your goal at all? What happens then?

That was the question I was facing. I have a 100k+ word novel to write, and while I have plenty of time to complete it before the contract’s deadline, I want to complete it early so I can get started on a different project. I expressed this desire to my agent, and she came up with a horrifying solution. A solution that no sane person should agree to.

But I did.

She suggested that if I don’t get my novel done by a certain deadline, she gets to impose a consequence on me. And that consequence is no bueno.  The deadline is February 1st.

And the consequence is: I have to cut my hair to the style of her choosing. She started throwing around words like “bowl cut” and “mullet” and I felt sick on my stomach. Write a blog post about it, she said. Go public, she said. It’ll hold you accountable, she said. And that’s when I knew it would work.

So, I agreed. And just for good measure, she sent me a few hairstyles she was thinking of. And I wrote 1,000 words right after that. Here’s what my delightful agent is thinking for my fate:






Christina Aguilera at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images  *** North American Sales Only ***   Original Filename: 2367596.jpgvia Flatbed Web



So as you can see, I’m quite worried. And more than that, I’m super motivated. I guess we’ll see on February 2nd if I’ve turned in my novel to her or not. And the agreement is, I have to post a pic of my new haircut if I miss deadline. So YOU get to see my failure.

Now excuse me while I go write…

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