The Joys of Preordering JOYRIDE!

Sooooo I have a surprise for you. I’m giving away prizes galore for preordering JOYRIDE but it’s up to YOU to determine how many prizes I give out–the more preorders we have, the more prizes I give out and the BIGGER the prizes get! Here’s how it works:

Preorder JOYRIDE and send proof of purchase to ALL preorders will get a signed bookmark and signed bookplate–even international fans who order from The Book Depository–so don’t forget to include your mailing address in the email.

There will be ascending tiers of the Joys of Preordering JOYRIDE campaign. Preorders build up to each tier; each time a tier is reached, a winner from the preorder pool is selected to receive the prize for the tier, and the next tier’s prize is unlocked!

Tier #1: The entire Syrena Legacy series, signed and personalized plus a $25 gift card.

Once the preorders reach Tier#1, I select a winner and unlock the prize for Tier #2!

Note: This is open internationally. Also, there will be mini prizes for retweeting my tweets or reposting my facebook posts about the Joys of Preordering JOYRIDE event, so you’re looking at tons of chances to win if you participate. Now go go go and don’t forget to spread the word!


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