‘Tis the Season–of Swag!

It’s Swag Season, which means it’s time for another giveaway! If you happen to be a (freaking lucky) newcomer, let me explain what this is:

The Season of Swag is the 5th season, the OTHER white meat giving season, if you will. And it lasts for an entire year, right up until the release of my YA debut, Of Poseidon (OP), which is set to assault bookstores in Spring of 2012 (Feiwel and Friends).

To participate in the Season of Swag (and therefore be eligible to win, you know, swag) you must do this:

1.) Become a follower of my blog.
2.) Follow me on Twitter.
3.) Tweet about the Season of Swag and include my Twitter handle (@ByAnnaBanks) so I can confirm you’ve been a good little Tweeter and followed the oh-so-easy rules.

In two weeks, I’ll enlist to pick my winner. In addition, the winner of each monthly giveaway will also qualify for a chance to win the Grand Swag: A mountain of all things OP, including a hardcover copy signed by MOI (for those of you who don’t speak southern, MOI means me).

Now, for this month’s swaggish giveaway: A signed copy of Ann Aguirre’s Enclave, which is wholly awesome. Don’t believe me? This is the first sentence: I was born during the second holocaust. And. I’m. Hooked.  Still not convinced? Then by all means, read the 150+ Amazon reviews for Enclave. Then maybe you’ll come to your senses!

And did I mention THIS copy is signed???

Now, run along and do your very bestest to win.

And remember, this is just the beginning. For the rest of Swag Season, be on the lookout for more book giveaways, including more series and some signed copies, gift cards, and critiques.
So, no matter if you’re in Mexico, Greenland, or NYC, ’tis the season of Swag!

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