You’ve Unlocked Prize Tier#2!

Congratulations guys, your preorders have unlocked Prize Tier#2 for the Joys of Preordering JOYRIDE event! The winner for Tier#1, Kristan G., will be receiving the entire Syrena Legacy series signed and in hardcover PLUS a $25 gift card!

Now to reveal Prize Tier#2:

A phone call from yours truly! We can talk about anything you want, whether it be writing tips, Sasquatch, mermaids, or any and all questions you may have for me. I am at your disposal! I can’t wait to hear from you. (Sorry, my deepest apologies truly, but the call must be to a US number).

Note: Remember, I’ll be tweeting about this, and if you RT any of my JOYRIDE tweets, you’re automatically entered to win a signed ARC of it! And THIS giveaway IS international!

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